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Browsing Or Searching For Business Services?

There is many ways to browse or search for business services offered within our database.

  • 1. By keyword search within category choice & location on our home page.
  • 2. By clicking on the 'Browse Businesses By Location' link found on our home page.
  • 3. By clicking on the 'Browse By Map' link found on our home page.
  • 4. Clicking on the 'Browse By Categories' link.
  • 5. Clicking on the 'Latest Listings' link.
  • 6. Clicking on the 'Reviews' link.
  • 7. Clicking on the 'Top Rated' link.

Submitting A Business Listing?

Once within the 'Add Your Business' page, Click on a listing type.


Choose a Top level main category that best suits your business.

Business Details

  • 1. Enter your Company Name.
  • 2. Enter a short description that best describes your business activities along with any other important information.
  • 3. Upload your company logo or an image you would like to use.
  • 4. Enter your business website url.
  • 5. Enter a contact telephone number, Can be a landline or mobile.
  • 6. Click on a Top level main location, This is recommended as many visitors browse listings by area.
  • 7. Enter your business address.
  • 8. Click on 'Add Map' if you would like your business listing to be added to the 'Browse By Map' feature.
  • 9. Enter your business email address, This is not shown but is used so visitors can make contact via our form.
  • 10. Enter the contact person for the business.
  • 11. Enter the 'Anti Spam' numbers.

Then click on the 'Submit Button'.

How To Edit My Business Listing?

There are two ways to do so -

  • 1. Use the keycode we sent via email and then visit 'Modify Your Listing' page.
  • 2. If you registered before submitting a listing, Login to your user account.

My Business Was Edited During The Approval Process, Why?

This would be for one or more of the following reasons -

  • 1. Location not entered, This is important, Visitors like browsing or search by location.
  • 2. Map not added, This is important, Visitors like browsing by using the map listing feature.
  • 3. Company name, We will edit this if we feel we can enhance it for better placement in search engines.
  • 4. Description, We may edit for general spelling errors, Over repeated keyword phrases or if any contact details were entered as there are fields for this information.
  • 5. Tel contact details, We may add this if not entered by visiting the submitted uk business.
  • 6. Logo or image, We will try and edit this is one is not used.

My Business Listing Was Rejected, Why?

This would be for one or more of the following reasons -

  • 1. Content not deemed suitable for our database.
  • 2. Location details do not match with address entered.
  • 3. Duplicated business listing submitted.
  • 4. None payment (paid type listings only).
  • 5. Unsuitable category choice that does not relate to business type at all.
  • 6. Poorly written submission in all fields.

My Business Listing Was Removed, Why?

  • 1. Self promoting (reviews or ratings).
  • 2. Listed expired (re-submit if expired).

Featured Companies

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