Submission Guidelines

Content -

Businesses or website's that promote or contain the following types of content will not be accepted under any circumstances.

  1. No Adult, Pornography, Nudity, Escort Services.
  2. No Counterfeit and or Replica goods.
  3. No Crime, Hate and or Violence.
  4. No Ponzi and or Pyramid schemes.
  5. No Copyright Infringement, Torrent. and or Warez.
  6. Essay, Dissertation, Thesis, and Coursework writing services.
  7. No Betting, Casino and or Gambling.
  8. No Drug Paraphernalia and or Narcotics.
  9. Guns / Knives / Weapons.

Submission Form - 

Below will result in a suggested business listing getting rejected.

  1. Spamming with keywords.
  2. Contact no. or Email in title field.
  3. Url, Tel, Contact details in business description box.

Fill out the submission form correctly with all the business information, We do check and will edit if necessary to a point but we are by no means going to gather all missing required information.

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